District Wire News: 2/27/17

This week on District Wire News we look at the increase in crime in Northwest Washington, D.C., the rise in hate crimes and anti-semitism in the U.S., new safety measures on Metro escalators, and how therapy dogs are used to help aging veterans. We also cover the the new porcupine at the National Zoo, the Oscars mix-up, and the weekend’s sports.

Producers: Aaron Lerner and Amaya Turner. Assignment Editor/Media Manager: Nathalie Hutchinson. Graphics Producer: Zein al-Maha Oweis. Field Producer: Mirchaye Sahlu. Anchors: Adisa Hargett-Robinson and Afra Abdullah. Reporters: Grace Galvin, Katherine Warren, Craig Cannon, Kelvin Henry, Kelly Vaughen, and Jordan Connell.