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District Daily 11.4.2013

This week on District Daily: Chris Brown’s violent attack outside of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. and RAD expert Lieutenant Rima Sifri’s suggestions on how to protect yourself in violent situations. Also, how to eat healthy on a budget in college and where to find some of the best brunch spots in D.C. And two special four-legged friends joined us in the studio to teach us about dog behavior. This week’s show was produced by Jade Vakilzadeh. Our anchors were Joni Agronin and Isbella DIaz. Check back next week for more on District Wire News.

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District Daily 4.22.2013

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In this show, anchors Colin Campbell, Rachel Rood, Vivian Roussel, and Bridget Gales cover a variety of lifestyle topics in DC. In this segment, the anchors have an open discussion with Professor Scott Talan about the role of social media in the Boston bombings, and talk to the organizer of one memorial run in DC. This show was produced by Ariana Wohlstatter, Ashley Abraham, and Rachel Rea.

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The District Daily welcomed Yoga Instructor Jen Young from Lil Omm Yoga to the studio to go through some popular poses for pregnant women. She and anchor Bridget Gales discussed the poses and what yoga can do for expecting mothers.

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Chef Cesare from Lia’s Restaurant joined anchor Vivian Roussel in the kitchen. He taught us how to make a panzanella salad, a quick and easy summer salad that Lia’s restaurant actually offers on the menu.

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Local DC filmmaker Brian Frankel sat down with anchors Colin Campbell, Rachel Rood, and Bridget Gales to talk about the future of film school. The topic is an important one, especially during the DC Film Festival.

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Anchors Bridget Gales, Vivian Roussel, and Colin Campbell sat down with Professor of Entomology Michael Raupp at UMD and his collection of cicadas to talk about the upcoming swarm. The discussion followed a report on tips of things happening around the city to acknowledge the critters. Rachel Rood sat down with Executive Director of Rock Creek Park Conservancy Beth Mullin to learn about all the things Rock Creek Park has to offer during the summer.

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Gennaro Ferrone gave the national and local weather forecast for the upcoming week, followed by a report on DC’s Awesome Con over the weekend.  Awesome Con is a comic book convention that happened at DC’s convention center. We wrapped up this segment, show, and semester by acknowledging all the hard work of Professor Carolyn Brown, Director Mr. Madison, and his crew. Thanks to all who helped make this show, and semester, happen!

District Daily 4.23.11

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In this edition of District Dish, anchors Brittney Hood and Elaura Rifkin gives the insight on latest celebrity gossip, new movie releases and local happenings. Reporter Maria Hallas gave us a sneak peak of  the fresh new look of the Howard Theatre after its two million dollar renovation. This show was produced by Simone Andrews.

District Daily 4.4.11

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In this special entertainment show, our anchors Heather Fung and Kristin Rudman tell us all about -Hollywood stars. During the “hot topic” segment, Kathryn Ruleman, Dani Rizzo, Briona Arradondo and Kelsey Duggan talk about Jersey Shore, Charlie Sheen, American Idol, Betty White and the Royal Wedding. Briona reports on a vintage fashion store, Rock It Again. Aisha Chowdry has a full report about D.C international Runway Contest and Fashion Show. And finally, we end the show with, “Celebrities say What?” Listen to what celebrities say from the Royal Wedding to Snoop Dog. District Dish was produced by Mimi Brown and Yecenia Alfaro.