Spring 2012

4.25.12 District Wire News Special Edition: Health & Environment

This health and environment edition of District Wire News was produced by Nadya Batson with the help of Lydia Beyoud and Yasmine El-Sabawi. It was anchored by Daniela Vlacich. The segment covers the invention of a 3-D drug printer, a beekeeping class and the e-waste problem in China. It also mentions Earth Day and what D.C. communities are doing to protect environment, as well as how the British are tackling obesity. You will also have a chance to view amazing images of solar and volcano eruptions.


04.16.12 District Wire News: International Edition

This special international edition of District Wire News was produced by Vanessa Haces-Gonzatti and anchored by Arushi Sharma and Daniela Vlacich. This week the man charged with the mass murders in Norway last year faced trial for the first time, the Taliban attacked the Afghan capital in one of the most serious outbreaks since 2001, and the Summit of the Americas touched on controversial issues that made some leaders leave the event that took place in Colombia last weekend. The edition also has Professor Rick Rockwell as guest discussing the issue of the drug war in Mexico and Central America, as well as the role of the U.S.  in it.


4.15.12 District Wire News Special Edition: Business Wire

This business and technology edition of District Wire News was produced by Nadya Batson and anchored by Brittney Hood. The segment covers an anti-trust lawsuit filed by the federal government against e-book publishers, growing student debt and new tax laws. It also mentions what D.C. landlords do to promote their commercial property and how all 50 states managed to collect more money in tax revenues.


District Wire News: US Election Special

As we approach the 2012 presidential election, DWN brings you an hour-long special election edition of the broadcast. Much like a political roundtable, the show brought together various experts and academics from here in DC as well as in-depth original reporting by our team. In the four segments of the program, we examine the remaining candidates in the Republican race to the White House, present the controversial policy positions on immigration, analyze US-Iran relations in light of nuclear armament, and discuss how strong the African-American vote for President Obama will be this year.

The election special was produced by Yasmine El-Sabawi.


District Docket: the legal segment of District Wire News

In this segment of District Docket, we examine three topics:  First, President Obama’s health care law — will the Supreme Court strike it down? Second, do Limbaugh’s recent verbal attacks about a Georgetown Law student suggest that birth control and abortion laws are in jeopardy? Third, may employers legally demand login credentials from prospective employees for their social media accounts as a condition of employment? District Docket plunges into each of these topics with a news package followed by a question and answer session with legal experts. Join us now on District Docket.


04.02.12 Special Edition: District Wire News in Spanish, Noticias en español

In this special segment, District Wire News was produced in Spanish by Vanessa Haces-Gonzatti and anchored by Nadya Batson and Vanessa Haces-Gonzatti. This segment covers this Tuesday’s republican primaries, the hostages release in Colombia, the plane crash in Russia, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ radiotherapy treatment in Cuba, and the upcoming meeting between presidents Jose Mujica and Dilma Rousseff, among others international news. There is also the start of the baseball season and a revival art performance in Washington, D. C.


District Wire News 3.26.12

The top story on today’s edition of District Wire News is the Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act. Lydia Beyoud covers the story on Capitol Hill.

Other featured stories on District Wire News this week include President Obama warning North Korea over its nuclear agenda, the Pope visiting Cuba and an unusual earthquake in Virginia.

Yasmine El-Sabawi reports on the freeze warning in D.C. as a cold front approaches and threatens the cherry blossoms.

A new poll suggest that people think politicians talk too much about religion. Nadzeya Batson addresses the poll’s findings.

Vanessa Haces-Gonzatti covers Mayor Gray’s new proposal to extend the cut off time for selling alcohol in D.C.

This week’s edition of District Wire News was produces by Daniela Vlacich.


District Wire News 3.19.12

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This week on District Wire News we reported a wide variety of topics ranging from a school shooting in france to the return of the American soldier responsible for the death of 16 Afghans.

Maria Hallas tackled the questionable ethics oath Mayor Vincent Gray is making District employees sign, while Daniela Vlacich covered a silent march being held to remember members of the LGBT community, killed in hate crimes.

On the other hand, Elaura Rifkin looked at the impact of rising high school graduation rates, and Simone Andrews covered the unveiling of a new bikeshare station in Washington D.C.

Check back next week for a new edition of District Wire News.

Produced by Arushi Sharma.


District Wire News 3.5.12

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This week on District Wire News we are looking ahead to Super Tuesday and what that means for the remaining Republican candidates. We also tackle the Rush Limbaugh scandal and the growing Latino vote.

We also take a look at how tornado cleanup is going and how the communities affected by its’ devastation are trying to rebuild.

Check back next week for another edition of District Wire News.

Produced by Elaura Rifkin


district wire news 2.27.12

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This week on District Wire News we covered issues on a local, national, and international level. Our reporters focused on a number of issues from the Ohio school shooting to the Michigan primaries and reporter Daniela Vlacich spotlighted the how the women’s vote will affect the primaries.

Elaura Rifkin focused on issues with parking in Bethesda, MD, while Maria Hallas covered what it takes to be a Racing President. We also highlight American University participation in a hunger strike and what AU is doing to ensure a safer campus.

Finally we highlight the Oscar’s that took place on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Produced by Brittney S. Hood


district wire news 2.20.12

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

This week on District Wire News, we cover a variety of local, national and international stories. Our reporters put a spotlight on health issues, from a report by Brittney Hood on National Eating Disorders Awareness efforts at AU, to the rise in Hepatitis C as well as Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s comments on pre-natal testing.

Simone Andrews covers the rising rate of sexual harassment on D.C.’s metro system, while Maria Hallas has the latest on the possible return of the Redskins football team to the area. Yasmine El-Sabawi highlights American University’s record as the most gay-friendly college campus in D.C.

We also feature how Syrian-Americans are responding to the ongoing violence in Syria, and the latest in the Huguely-Love murder trial in Virginia, where the jury heard testimony over the weekend.

Finally, it’s Fashion Week in D.C. and time for Mardi Gras; we’ve got the highlights on the big celebrations in New Orleans.

Produced by Lydia Beyoud.


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