This special edition of District Wire News was all about entertainment. We rounded up some local talent to perform on the show, went inside fun and tasty businesses, and had our reporters discuss the latest in the industry. Watch this episode for dog training tips, belly dancing and spiritual readings!

Producers: Craig Cannon, Natalie Hutchison
Segment Producers: Zein Al-maha Oweis, Kelvin Henry, Jordan Houston, Amaya Turner
Anchors: Adisa Hargett-Robinson, Mirchaye Sahlu
Media Manager/Graphics: Afra Abdullah
Reporters: Jordan Connell, Grace Galvin, Zein Al-maha Oweis, Kelly Vaughen, Katherine Warren

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District Wire News:4/10/2017

This week on District Wire News we focused on Politics! We spoke with political experts to learn about what steps the Democratic Party can take in the future, examined the conflict with Russia’s alleged medaling in the 2016 election, as well  the overall relationship, how the media is covering Trump and breakdown the conflict in Syria. This is a newscast you don’t want to miss!

Producers: Adisa Hargett-Robinson Jordan Houston
Segment Prodcuers: Craig Cannon, Amaya Turner and Afra Abdullah.
Anchors: Jordan Connell, and Natalie Hutchinson
Media Manager/Graphics: Zein Al Maha Oweis
Reporters: Grace Galvin, Amaya Turner, Mirchaye Sahlu, Kelly Vaughn and Kelvin Henry.

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This week on District Wire News, we look at the Congress’s decision on the Health Care Bill, the upcoming March for Science, a new drug approved by the FDA for severe Multiple Sclerosis patients, how students at universities can protect their emails from the Dark Web, how E-cigarettes are dangerous to the lives of smokers, and how iPhones and Androids are tracking your every move without GPS. And, much more!

Hear from Health Studies Professor Jody Gan on the Health Care Bill, Charlie Hinson the Nuclear Regulatory Commission expert on the use of nuclear energy and the March for Science, Dr. Emil Samir Oweis a Clinical Care Fellow at Georgetown University on depression, and Don Barrett the Assistive Technology Export as he reveals the evolution of assistive technology in the 21st Century.

Producers: Zein Al Maha Oweis and Grace Galvin. Segment Producers: Katherine Warren, Jordan Connell, and Natalie Hutchinson. Anchors: Kelvin Harris and Aaron Lerner. Media Manager/Graphics: Amaya Turner. Reporters: Jordan Houston, Mirchaye Sahlu, Kelly Vaughn, Adisa Hargett-Robinson, Craig Canon, and Afra Abdullah.


This week on District Wire News, we look at the Republican’s Health care bill fail and its implications, the upcoming metro fare increase, Reston Town Center’s parking lawsuit and how businesses are being affected by it, the latest on the DC missing girls, the legging airline ban and the impact its had on travelers, and how eating less salt can result in less bathroom trips.  And, much more!

Producers: Mirchaye Sahlu and Afra Abdullah. Assignment Editor: Craig Cannon. Anchors: Jordan Houston and Kelly Vaughen. Media Manager: Aaron Lerner. Graphics Producer: Kelvin Harris. Reporters: Katherine Warren, Natalie Hutchinson, Adisa Hargett-Robinson, Grace Galvin, Zein Al-Maha Oweis, Amaya Turner and Jordan Connell.


This week on District Wire News we look at wiretapping claims made by President Trump against former President Barack Obama, the implications of a revised executive order on the travel ban, the new Safe Track surge affecting the Blue and Yellow lines, closure of Martin Luther King library and it’s affect on the homeless community and crumbling bridge infrastructure that could impact commuters in the metro area.

Producers: Jordan Connell and Katherine Warren. Assignment Editor: Jordan Houston. Media Manager: Kelly Vaughn. Graphics Producer: Mirchaye Sahlu. Field Producer: Zein Al-Maha Oweis. Anchors: Amaya Turner and Grace Galvin. Reporters: Craig Cannon, Kelvin Henry, Natalie Hutchinson, Adisa Hargett-Robinson and Aaron Lerner.

District Wire News: 2/27/17

This week on District Wire News we look at the increase in crime in Northwest Washington, D.C., the rise in hate crimes and anti-semitism in the U.S., new safety measures on Metro escalators, and how therapy dogs are used to help aging veterans. We also cover the the new porcupine at the National Zoo, the Oscars mix-up, and the weekend’s sports.

Producers: Aaron Lerner and Amaya Turner. Assignment Editor/Media Manager: Nathalie Hutchinson. Graphics Producer: Zein al-Maha Oweis. Field Producer: Mirchaye Sahlu. Anchors: Adisa Hargett-Robinson and Afra Abdullah. Reporters: Grace Galvin, Katherine Warren, Craig Cannon, Kelvin Henry, Kelly Vaughen, and Jordan Connell.

District Wire News:2/13/17

A look at news in Washington D.C. and around the world. This week looks at immigration raids in Northern VA, the legalization of assisted suicide in the District, and the National Zoo says goodbye to Bao Bao the panda.

Producers: Kelly Vaughen and Kelvin Henry. Assignment Editor and Graphics Producer: Jordan Connell. Media Manager Adisa Hargett-Robinson. Anchors: Craig Cannon and Katherine Warren. Reporters: Nathalie Hutchison, Zein Al-Maha Oweis, Mirchaye Woldeleoul, Amaya Turner, Aaron Lerner, Afra Abdullah, Jordan Houston.