This week on District Wire News, we look at the Congress’s decision on the Health Care Bill, the upcoming March for Science, a new drug approved by the FDA for severe Multiple Sclerosis patients, how students at universities can protect their emails from the Dark Web, how E-cigarettes are dangerous to the lives of smokers, and how iPhones and Androids are tracking your every move without GPS. And, much more!

Hear from Health Studies Professor Jody Gan on the Health Care Bill, Charlie Hinson the Nuclear Regulatory Commission expert on the use of nuclear energy and the March for Science, Dr. Emil Samir Oweis a Clinical Care Fellow at Georgetown University on depression, and Don Barrett the Assistive Technology Export as he reveals the evolution of assistive technology in the 21st Century.

Producers: Zein Al Maha Oweis and Grace Galvin. Segment Producers: Katherine Warren, Jordan Connell, and Natalie Hutchinson. Anchors: Kelvin Harris and Aaron Lerner. Media Manager/Graphics: Amaya Turner. Reporters: Jordan Houston, Mirchaye Sahlu, Kelly Vaughn, Adisa Hargett-Robinson, Craig Canon, and Afra Abdullah.