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For this special edition of District Wire News, Christina Animashaun and Alexis Williams update you on the latest celebrity news, how to relax your mind while getting your body in shape for the spring, how an on campus music group began and sat down with a social media expert for advice on how to keep your social media reputation in tact.
Celebrity chat 

In this segment, Christina and Alexis give you the celebrity dish! They talk about everything from the iHeartRadio Music Awards to why a popular boy band has teenage girls around the world heart broken.

Health benefits of yoga 

Yoga isn’t just good for your body – it’s good for your brain, and this popular form of exercise is showing encouraging results as a form of therapy for traumatic brain injury patients. Elizabeth Cole, certified yoga instructor, stopped by to tell the health benefits of yoga and even showed us a yoga pose that will relax your mind and get your abs ready for the beach.

Also, we hear from Chandelis Duster on how women diagnosed with Endometriosis can eat healthy and stay fit while dealing with the painful disease.

“Dime a Dozen” interview 

At American University, a group of musically talented students formed a group called “Dime a Dozen.” This group covers popular songs with their own unique twists. Dime a Dozen’s vice president, Joshua Seth Maftess, and alto singer, Sumita Tellakat, joined us to talk about the groups long standing history and what separates them from other music groups on campus.

Also, we hear from Jordan Sharp on how some artists are fighting Internet “freemium” models for listening to music and illegal downloads.

How to maintain your social media reputation

Whether you like it or not, you have a significant online presence. Between government documents and self-generated content, it’s not hard for others to dig up information about you. But, how are millennial’s supposed to draw the line on what content is viewer friendly and what they should keep private? Christina and Alexis sat down with Ph.D student Faith Jegede to get the answer.