DWN: March 16, 2015

In this segment of District Wire News, we cover the news and current events of March 16, 2015 with anchors James Doubek and Paola Chavez.

In the A-Block, we find out details about an offensive email that was sent out by a University of Maryland fraternity member, give an update on a stabbing incident at the Stadium-Armory Metro Station, and take a look at a study that says prices on the DC housing market is getting worse.

In the B-Block, Doubek talks with AU’s Black Student Alliance Freshman Liaison Sidney Young and AU’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion Multicultural & First Generation Programming Coordinator Caroline DeLeon about racist comments made by AU students on social media app Yik Yak.

In international news, more US troops may remain in Afghanistan than previously decided, ISIS may be using chemical weapons and ten healthcare workers return to the US after being exposed to Ebola. Later, we take a look at a study that shows coffee may provide health benefits and social media outrage against the fashion designers of Dolce & Gabbana over their comments about invitro fertilization.

Finally, we conclude the segment with a look at the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Pam and take a glimpse into the first ever DC marijuana expo.