District Wire News:2/13/17

A look at news in Washington D.C. and around the world. This week looks at immigration raids in Northern VA, the legalization of assisted suicide in the District, and the National Zoo says goodbye to Bao Bao the panda.

Producers: Kelly Vaughen and Kelvin Henry. Assignment Editor and Graphics Producer: Jordan Connell. Media Manager Adisa Hargett-Robinson. Anchors: Craig Cannon and Katherine Warren. Reporters: Nathalie Hutchison, Zein Al-Maha Oweis, Mirchaye Woldeleoul, Amaya Turner, Aaron Lerner, Afra Abdullah, Jordan Houston.

District Wire News: Special World View Edition

District Wire News presents a special international edition. As the President Elect Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric becomes policy, experts explain focus, impact and change. Anchors, Megan Yonder and Lindsay Maizland explore how the United States’ actions towards Afghanistan, ISIS, NATO, refugees and international markets might shift under a Trump administration. Produced by Bill Putnam and Chelsea Smart.

District Wire News: Lifestyle & Entertainment 11/28/16

This special lifestyle and entertainment edition of District Wire News, District Daily, includes all the latest pop culture news, advice for prepping for the holiday season, new trends in music and theater, and expert interviews on Gilmore Girls, college radio, winter fashion and pet adoption.

Producers: Elise Smith & Lindsay Maizland. Anchors: Toni Marie Peake & Brooke Evans. Reporters: Bill Putnam, Maggie Miller, Megan Yoder, Grace Ries. Segment Producers: Wes Young, Chelsea Smart, Sarah Kravetz, Grace Palo. Media Manager: Stephen Pienciak

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